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Ras Denroy Morgan

Reggae patriarch and preacher Ras Denroy Morgan remains a powerful iconic force within the reggae music industry. He is a musical prodigy, a pioneer and a musical perfectionist who bulldozed his way onto the Billboard charts and saturated American urban radio stations with his smash single ‘I’ll Do Anything for You.’ But Denroy is also a devoutly spiritual musical proponent who has built a growing empire with his thirty children that includes the internationally acclaimed band Morgan Heritage as well as Elektra/ Atlantic chart topper Laza 'One by One' Morgan, his son. The spotlight has turned once again on Ras Denroy and reggae fans worldwide are acclaiming his blazing hot new single 'Get Up Stand Up' a heartfelt cover of the Bob Marley song produced by Sidney Mills. The single is being distributed internationally by VP Records. 'Get Up Stand Up’ will form part of a forthcoming album titled Muzical Unity.

The upcoming album produced by Coozie Mellers and Ras Denroy Morgan with co-production support coming from Sidney Mills from the world-famous Steel Pulse band, the Anthem Band and saxophone player Jerry Anderson marks Ras Denroy Morgan's seventh to date.  


The album features a freshly innovative concept for Ras Denroy capturing his personal journey of musical and spiritual growth. For the first time, Ras Denroy is featured on melodic and lyrically fit spoken word recordings reflective of his enlightening and powerful ministry. ‘Hallelujah’ opens with soulful blends of Nyabinghi drums and organ leads to Palms 91 and 87. ‘Prayer to the King’ is based upon Psalm 72 where David is praying for his son Solomon. ‘His Majesty’ brings it down over a cool jazzy rhythm where Ras Denroy speaks on religion. He says, “Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life …” The words of Haile Selassie I’s Agriculture College Graduation speech (January 16, 1958) inspired ‘Higher Education’ and ‘Spill the Wine’ produced by Burt Price and Ras Denroy Morgan features a bumpin’ Dancehall Latin vibe.


The album is poised to touch the pleasure principle for fans of reggae and R&B. 'uiahI'm Addicted to the Truth' a bouncy, soulful joint produced by Royal Bayyan, a family member of the multi- platinum-selling group Kool & The Gang, and features electrifying lyrics of the widely respected and acclaimed New Jersey-based rapper Kasin Allah of VH1 and BET fame; ‘I’ll Be Here for You’ seduces wishes and confidence of forever love backed by a sexy saxophone solo; Reggae kicks in with tunes such as ‘Special Friend’ confirming committed and solid love; ‘Rise Again to Fight’ encourages a never give up and keep it moving attitude; and ‘A Little More Love’ reasons that all we need is a little more. ‘Where is the Love’ offers Reggae and R&B versions while asking the timeless question. Ras Denroy admits this one is personal. ‘One Love’ well “It can’t be said enough and it has so many dimensions. We can’t get enough of Bob Marley. I’m inspired to share in the delivery of these two words to the world. The Rastaman’s message is always peace and love.” Ras Denroy shared.     


“This album represents an elevated direction, and it is a summary and a testament of who I am musically and spiritually at this point in time,” Ras Denroy Morgan shared. “Many of the songs are still deeply rooted in my Biblical philosophy but there is also a creative infusion of my reggae and my R & B components," Ras Denroy added. Ras has been endeared to his name. He explained, “I come back to the reality that my livity has become my ministry. It is a unifying force from the consciousness of a relationship with the almighty. It has to do with where I am in my spiritual journey from Abraham to David, to his pure Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.”  

Ras Denroy is no stranger to touring the world and over the years he has been to the four corners of Planet Earth. His spirituality is his guiding light and he is more active than ever in church life. He is Ambassador of the Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church of North and South America to the Rastafarian Community Internationally; a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel; he is the ordained Bishop of the International Gospel Helpers Church; and a member of the American Clergy Leadership Conference. Ras Denroy Morgan feels strongly that this upcoming single and album will be enjoyed by all ages around the world as he continues to be a mystical uniting force to spread peace, love and harmony among peoples throughout the world. "My new direction is linking the stage and the pulpit to bring greater unity to our people," he stated. His next single ‘Halleluiah’ will be released on Febuary 10, 2017 through VP Records followed by a scheduled release of the album, Muzical Unity, April 7, 2017.   

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