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Behind TTM:  Jonathan D Taub  - Founder & President


Bringing to the table more than 30 years of experience in reggae music,  Jonathan understands  the word sound power of reggae and the importance of the message of One Love.  After a decade of being immersed in the music of the founding fathers of reggae, in the late 1990’s, he began to find other bands that brought the music in the message and the message in the music. He truly realized how good of a sense he had in recognizing the most powerful artists after his involvement and love for SOJA music. Within months of listening he was puzzled how he could esteem the music and lyrics of some young guys out of Virginia as much as Bob Marley. He helped get them a few gigs in the Midwest, where he lived at the time, and strongly believed they could become the legends of tomorrow despite the opposition he had from his peers. In less than a decade SOJA took their place as one of the top reggae bands in the world.


One way Jonathan utilized his talents, was to help his good friend and fellow reggae visionary Packy Malley scout artists for The Midwest Reggae Fest, one of the top reggae festivals in the country. Jonathan has become adept at recognizing artists that are defining what reggae is becoming.  Some of bands he could see destined for greatness before they began to peak in the genre are Tribal Seeds, Hirie, Fortunate Youth. Rootz Underground, Raging Fyah, and most recently Janelle Phillips.  He has been a true witness that the words of Bob Marley have been and are being fulfilled, that, “This music will keep on growing and find it’s right people.”

Taub Talent Management was formed to manage, develop and promote today’s reggae artists to bring their love and healing to our planet and people that need this music as much as a plant needs water and people need food. To become a part of this dream team, call upon TTM and let’s make way for a positive day. 

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